Embroidered Shirt Front On Dyed Dobby Lawn 1.25 Yards
Embroidered Shirt Back On Dyed Dobby Lawn 1.25 Yards
Chikan Embroidered Sleeves On Dyed Dobby Lawn 0.70 Yards
Embroidered Multi Color Laser Border On Organza 30 Inch
Chikan Embroidered Front Border 1 On Lawn 30 Inch
Embroidered Front Border 2 On Lawn 30 Inch
Chikan Embroidered Back Border On Lawn 30 Inch
Digital And Foil Print Dupatta On Tasser Silk 2.75 Yards
Dyed Cotton Trouser 2.75 Yards
Diamonties For Shirt Front 02 Pkt

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