AJMQ-08 | Rs. 11,650/-
Exuding a regal aura Syra Yousuf looks breathtaking attired in this pastel ice blue peshwas. Heavily embroidered bodice is attached to subtle ombre panels worked in monotone thread, silver zari & sequins giving it an ethereal luminance. It’s complimented by an embroidered chiffon dupatta & dyed pants.
1 Embroidered R\L bodice for front on chiffon
1 Embroidered R\L bodice for back on chiffon
10 embroidered kalis on chiffon
1 m embroidered sleeves upper part on light color chiffon
2 Embroidered sleeve hem bunches on dark color chiffon
2.5 m embroidered dupatta on chiffon
1.5 Meter dyed poly cotton trouser (wide width)

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